Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Drug Addict?

This is what we call; the more the merrier. Oh freshie, don't take you senior's color, we are the RED warrior! Please change to other than that okay? Heee.


Having two months of congested and runny nose, not to mention the severe 'haaachuumm', finally I visit Otorinolarigologist (ORL/ENT/ those who has expertise in ear, nose and throat).

Look. Now, I have to train myself to be dependable on medicine since my allergies is near no cure but prevention. As usual, hearing Prof. Din's ceramah always success to make me smiling and continuously nodding my head; the sign of understanding the advice.

It does anyway.

But, too lazy to said, telan ubat macam telan gula-gula? Oh no! Biggest NO!


Tak kawal allergi, leads to congested nose, hard to breath, coughing bla bla bla, leads to stress, leads to asthma, leads to migraine, leads to many thing that for sure you never wish those to be in your wishing list! I bet you!

What happens when you get the treatment? First, all the histories, sign and symptoms, your complaints will be the prior to be asked. By that, doctor will get some ideas or at least for differential diagnosis. Since I am the usual person that easy to be seen in ORL clinic; either as patient or as student, the time taken for history taking really brief. The diagnosis; acute allergy rhinitis. (PM Dr. Rosdan made the diagnosis anyway).

This is what the doctor needs!

Next, Dr. Fariza was offering me for I-don't-know-what-to-call, it's kind of putting 4 soaked cotton wool each through my nasal opening. It's not pain but I was really need to calm myself down for not to sneeze! If I did, Oh, I can't imagine what will happen to that poor Dr. But, sadly I accidentally did.

Oh, poor nose. The last cotton wool couldn't be inserted well or else, I'll will sneeze!

And, tadaaaaaaaa! I'm a Drug Addicted people again!

Orait. Why I said so. First thing, no matter what, how or whatever, I need to make myself and you who share the same problem, hundred percent sure to take the xyzal (or claritine or doctor's suggestion) tablet once per day. Everyday for at least two weeks! After that, if you think you get better, gradually decrease the frequency. Only reduce the number intake not STOP eating it! 

And that Nasonex spray, pump into your nose, each opening twice daily; morning and night. Don't stop it even you think you get better. The problem will visit you again once you stop it! As I said, you problem, near no cure, bebeh!

Prevention is better than cure!


If you wish to wear clothes from cotton material, this is what you have to do before sending it to the tailor.

WASH it! If not, it will shrink later on!

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